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We value our integrity, so there’s no hard sell or ulterior motive. We simply want to use our expertise to help businesses of all sizes to build trusted relationships with their customers, provide better experiences and achieve success.

Know your customers' behavior

It is good to get a very high rating. But there are people who may be served properly.. so you can solve the negatives of your activity

Reputation matters ,,

Businesses earn great reviews on Tarvk the same way they build their reputations in the community: by creating great products, services, and customer experiences. Tarvk works hard to feature content that reflects real experiences that consumers are inspired to share.

We take the guesswork out of growing your business and building the best customer experience.Tarvk connects you directly with your customers. Real feedback, means real insight, and we give you the tools to use it to build relationships, improve your brand reputation and make informed decisions for the future


What We Do

Unlocking the secrets of business success isn’t as hard as you think- it starts by listening to your customers.

We give you access to technology and support that allows you to connect directly with your customers at any point of the journey, giving a clear and accurate view of your business.

We offer the power to prove instinct with insight; to discover where you can improve, where you are succeeding, and what makes you special.

Understand and improve your customer experience

You want your business to improve, grow and thrive, but it can’t do that unless you understand exactly where you’re going right and what you need to improve. By collecting feedback across the entire customer journey and analysing the ratings and reviews you receive, you can dig deeper into your customer loyalty, customer experience and so much more! Customer reviews should play an important role in all of your strategies, whether you’re looking to improve your service, marketing efforts or customer experience.

They boost conversion rates

Adding customer reviews to your website can make a huge difference to conversions, especially when they’re displayed on product pages. Products displaying five-star reviews are up to 270% more likely to be purchased than those without reviews. not only saw 173% more sales on products with reviews compared to those without, customer spend also rose a whopping 294%!

Consumers rely on reviews

96% In the world consumers use customer reviews in some way and 64% read them before they make a purchase. A positive review can be the difference between securing a sale and losing a customer. Shoppers want to know they can trust the company reviews they’re reading – 72% of consumers are worried about fake feedback!

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If you are a small or large business owner and want to go to the top and strengthen your brand. Our dedicated team can help you grow

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