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Does the Middle East need a restaurant guide? 


Although we are a company established in the United Kingdom, but the goal of our services was clear and explicit, which is the Middle East. The beginning was from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically from the city of Jeddah. It was very difficult to compete with food delivery applications, as their goal was not to leave the customer from home.

If you get a 3 star rating. Do not give up, you must do more and listen to the negative obstacles in order to improve your service
Rashid Al Mahri


Transparency for consumers in 2022

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Every business knows how hard it is to stand out, especially online. Genuine reviews and awards can be a real differentiator, no matter what industry you’re in.

Build trust in what you do

2020 saw a huge influx in online shoppers, and not all of them were, or indeed still are, confident when deciding what to buy and who to trust. A Trusted Service Award can provide reassurance and boost buyer confidence, our customers explain.

Motivate your staff

We love how excited our customers get about the Trusted Service Awards every year, and it’s great to hear that so many businesses use the awards to motivate their staff and show them that they’re doing an excellent job.

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Getting the most out of your Trusted Service Award


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transparency for business

For the year 2022 and our lists reports, there was a slight increase

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Being online and getting customer opinions has become an important thing in order to raise the level of service

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